March 11th, 2012


Akanishi Jin Japonicana Tour in Vancouver!

Just came back from Jin's Japonicana concert in Vancouver! The pictures are mostly from the first two songs since they told us we couldn't take photos... Which is funny since security came over to us and said we're allowed to take photos without flash and no video. I guess they meant BEFORE the concert cause everyone was taking pictures like crazy and the security were all over the place telling us to stop.

His concert wasn't as long as I hoped but just being able to see him was the best! The concert venue wasn't at all that big in comparison to his Japanese ones obviously. Surpisingly, they were a lot of empty seats. The WHOLE row in front of me was empty...

So at about 8:05, Elise Estrada performed which was a surprise since majority of us were expecting Joseph Vincent instead. The pictures blurry sadly.

After an intermission Joseph Vincent came on and sang a couple of covers. My highlights were when he sang Single Awareness Day and If You Stay. He also serenaded a girl with Backstreet Boys!!!!! He was super cute and ugh, so so so CUTE!

After another intermission after Joseph Vincent's performance, Jin finally shows up... at like a little past 9:00 == He starts off with Sun Burns Down! We were a pretty dull and awkward crowd and we finally livened up when Jin showed up.

See all those cameras? :D

He sang Tell Me Where, Set Love Free, Body Talk and I think Pindom after that. The orders may be kind of messed. >___< Jin sang approximately 5 songs and went into a 15 minute intermission. I felt kind of disappointed that after 5 songs he already went into intermission when his opening acts accumulated an hour of our time already.

After the intermission he starts with That's What She Said. Personally, I was excited for this song because of its infamous lyrics. The first half of the song featured just the 4 female dancers dancing sexily. Jin comes out with some water at the later half.

He sings Yellow Gold and Oowah. I forgot the order for those two >< Like You was possibly in the first half, but I'm not so sure since I didn't pay much attention to it.

Aphrosdisiac is obviously one of Jin's best songs in his album since the crowd was craziest and loudest when the music started. He performed test drive after and we also went crazy XD The dancers were waving two race car flags at the start and Jin comes out to sing.

He closes the show with California Rock with all six dancers present. He ended it by saying Ciao.

We all scream for an encore which we got. He sang Seasons and it was great hearing his Japanese!!!! After he says domo arigatou and the curtains fall.

Overall, it was satisfying but it would've been AMAZING if he performed longer and actually TALKED to us. Some people stayed, which was apparently for the meet & greet. They had black VIP passes around their necks. Lucky =_____=

I still don't know what to feel about him after all this. My love-hate thing is really tiring me out.

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