nozo_rin (nozo_rin) wrote,

I hate AKB48 with PASSION

Title says it... If it was someone else that was topping charts I would be fine with. If it was another Johnny's I would be fine with. If it was another group that has great music I'm fine with. If it was Morning Musume I DEFINITELY would be fine with. I would be fine with anyone!!! (Actually not Beckii Cruel ==)

True or False facts on my opinions of AKB48.

First Initially disliked them as I am a Momosu fan. FACT.
Second I dislike them is just AKB being AKB. FACT.
Third is that I HATE them being compared to my boys (ex. KAT-TUN, Arashi). FACT.
Fourth is that I dispise how they beat KAT-TUN. FACT.
Fifth is that I HATE their fans wotas. FACT

Sixth is that I am completely OK with them finally beating Arashi's sells..................................................BIG FAT FALSE

Honestly, it's not a big deal. But for someone who hates AKB48 with PASSION for being 'rivals' of Morning Musume and then somehow they creep into one other of my fandom? Then YES! I am allowed to be SEVERLY BOTHERED by this! If you read this and disagree, that's fine! This is MY Lj and I can say what I want and rant about what I want! Don't like it? Well, don't read this! Nothing is official until the end of the year. PLUS,  I have Love Rainbow to look forward to >:D
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