nozo_rin's Journal

I started loving anime when Sailor Moon first showed in North America. EVERYONE watched it and i remember as my first anime. My first fandom was with Buono! since i watched Shugo Chara and they did the theme song for it. Buono kept escalating into Hello Project and went on to Morning Musume, now one of my favorite girl groups. So don't even mention AKB48 or SKE48 I just don't like them. And don't even get me started on Beckii Cruel, oh god. AND DEFINITELY NO AKB48!!!

How I got into Johnny's was because a friend of mine was a fan of Hey Say Jump. Before I heard of that group because i was watching Lovely Complex and Hey Say 7 was doing the theme. I read about it and got kind of confused about the whole group situtation so I left it. I read more about this 'Johnny's Entertainment' and got interested in Kat-tun. My first song i ever heard was rescue since it was their latest single. Right after i got hooked on Hey Say Jump and was flailing to my friend FOREVER. After i watched and did everything any HSJ fan could, i went back to Kat-tun! Then after the Kat-tun craze i went onto ARASHI and BOY are they awesome!!

So now my number 1 Johnny's are Arashi, Kat-tun and Hey Say Jump second. Third would be NEWs. =D
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